Chris Paisley: Olympic Success?

Since my last column I have played three tournaments. I missed the cut in the Czech, finished 34th in Denmark and narrowly missed the cut in Switzerland. There was a lot to be positive about, despite below average results. I am coming into the final stretch of the season feeling good about my game with some big money events lefts to play. Currently, I am sitting just outside the top 110, so I need a few of good results. Fortunately, I enjoy these situations and leaving these things until the last minute – it adds a bit of drama if nothing else!

So, was golf in the Olympics a success? Short answer – yes! Having spoken to several players and caddies, the comments have been overwhelmingly positive. A number of players even described it as the best golfing week of their life. As competitors, they had access to any event so many witnessed Usain Bolt run his final Olympic race, Michael Phelps win his 23rd gold medal and Mo Farah win gold for Team GB. The Olympics are so special and inspiring, you would be crazy to not want to be part of it.

From the outside, the event looked fantastic. I was shocked at how good the golf course was presented, and everyone I have spoken to thought it was a great track. One of the goals was to present golf to a wider, more diverse audience. Based on the number of hilarious golf ball snatching incidents, camera clicks during players’ downswings, and the frequency of ‘quiet please’ from the caddies, I believe you could say mission accomplished.

Having Rose and Stenson going head-to-head made the tournament. The reaction from Justin when he holed the winning putt told me everything I needed to know.

I think they could tweak the format to make it more team based, but hopefully some of the top players realise they missed out on something special – not just the chance to win a gold medal – but the opportunity to be an Olympian.