Call for more juniors

While some clubs have a thriving junior section others haven’t – and it is causing real concern

There is a big debate taking place about the future of junior golf in the North East.
Junior leagues, county officers and club junior liaison officers are becoming increasingly concerned about falling number of junior members and the consequent reduction in teams taking part on league matches.

Northumbria Junior League chairman Marcus Chisholm pointed out that the Northumbria Junior League has gone from 24 teams to just 16.

North Northumberland now has no junior league as just three clubs have enough juniors to be able to make up a team.

“It’s a sad state of affairs that no juniors in the northern part of the county have any competitive league golf,” said Marcus.

“Many rural clubs have substantial travelling distances to contend with in trying to attract new juniors. Some are offering free membership for juniors under 18 but have had a poor or no response.

“Golf clubs need to be more committed to welcoming young players to their club as these are the members of the future. I am passionate to push this forward but I need help.

“Club managers, professionals and parents along with junior organisers need to pull together to make this work as failure now will be devastating in the future.”

Marcus would like to hear from clubs and interested parties with a view to setting up a forum to discuss the issue, email:

What can be achieved is underlined by the recent success of Whitley Bay and Hexham.

Northumbria Junior League champions Whitley Bay, along with Hexham qualified for the Home Nations Inter-Club Championship when they came through the North Regional Finals at Morpeth.