Will Robson

Age: 27
Turned pro: 2015
Home club: Close House

Career highlights
Joined the Close House team in 2015; won the Western Athletic Conference as part of the University of Missouri, Kansas City team; won his first Northumberland county cap aged 16

What have you been up to?
“I’ve been really busy teaching, both at Close House and out in local schools. We hosted a tri-golf tournament recently and I’ve visited 14 schools since then, introducing around 250 kids to golf and showing them how much fun the game can be. It would be great to inspire them and see them visiting the academy setup at Close House this season. I’ve also been playing locally in the NE/NW PGA events. We’ve got some great events coming up and I’ll be heading off to the qualifying for the PGA Assistants’ Championship and to the PGA Fourball Championship event with Jonathan Richardson later this summer.”

How did you get into the game?
”I picked it up with my dad at Bellingham Golf Club when I was 10 and went through to playing for the junior team, then the junior county and on to the men’s county side before flying to the US for my golf scholarship. During all that I went through the junior coaching cycle at Matfen Hall with JJ Vallely from being 12 through to when I went out to the US to attend University of Missouri, Kansas City with golf coach JW Vandenborn. I’ve learnt so much from both of these coaches and it’s great to be passing that on.”

What does the future hold?
“Finishing my PGA qualifications and finding a nice balance between coaching and playing. I really enjoy working in schools, introducing kids to golf for the first time and it’s great to be able to balance that with coaching at Close House and playing the PGA circuit.”