VEGA launches Star Line irons

Professional Golf Europe (PGE), owners of Japanese equipment brand VEGA, has added to its range with the launch of Star Line.

The brand, which has built a reputation for manufacturing forged irons and blades, has created the Star Line for golfers seeking more forgiveness.

Headlined by the Mizar irons family, the range utilises modern techniques and machinery to deliver a 3.5mm thick maraging steel undercut face and a one-piece S25C carbon steel forged body.

A key addition to the irons is flighted centre of gravity (CG). The Mizar’s long-irons feature a tungsten weight for a lower CG, while the mid-irons have a lighter titanium inset. In the short-irons, an aluminium inset raises the CG to generate a lower ball flight.

The same philosophy is used in the new Mizar Pro irons – which deliver the traditional look of a blade with a one-piece S20C forging that features a screw port in the toe. The long- and mid-irons use a titanium screw, while the short-irons feature aluminium to help control trajectory throughout the set. The screw-weight concept also allows players to fine-tune their swing weights.

The family also includes the Mizar Plus and Mizar Tour irons, which are more forgiving.

Mizar Plus – which features the biggest head in the range – provides greater forgiveness courtesy of an insert of constant thickness, while a thin maraging face delivers unprecedented power and distance. Throughout the set, VEGA utilises weight bars near the sole that help move the CG low to give optimum performance for players wanting to launch the ball high with low spin.

The Mizar Tour features a forged one-piece body made from S25C carbon steel. The face insert is constructed from softer carbon steel giving exceptional feel and forgiveness, while the constant thickness 3.5mm soft carbon steel face produces exceptional feel.

To complement the Mizar irons, VEGA has added the Mizar Max driving iron, the only driving iron on the market with a titanium face, to the line-up. With a thin topline and squat heel-to-toe profile, it features a wide sole with leading edge and trailing edge relief.