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SkyCaddie SX400
RRP: £299.95

SkyCaddie’s new SX400 GPS promises award-winning features in a new compact size.

The SX400 features an ultra-fast multi-core processor, making it the fastest distance measuring device for golfers along with a 4ins HD touchscreen which provides detailed views of every hole you play. There’s also Wi-Fi connectivity to wirelessly download SkyCaddie’s latest course maps and software updates.

The new device also features multi-round battery life; intuitive graphics showing yardages to every hazard, carry and lay-up point on each hole; and the ability to show the day’s pin positions on detailed IntelliGreen maps.

Other features include: Mark Ball, which helps you track club data; Target List View, which displays a quick list of all targets ahead; and Big Number View along with tee box selection, gender selection, dual green support, a yards or metres option, and stat tracking.