Shot Scope launches new and improved PRO LX and PRO LX+ rangefinders

Shot Scope has released new and improved PRO LX and PRO LX+ rangefinders to complete its 2023 product range.

The PRO LX+ provides golfers the ultimate on-course distance measuring device – a fast, accurate rangefinder with a built-in buggy magnet combined with a powerful GPS and performance tracking system.

“The new PRO LX and PRO LX+ are an extension of their predecessors, and with their improved, more compact design and faster target-lock vibration, provide golfers with the perfect on-course tool to help shoot lower scores,” said Shot Scope CEO David Hunter.

The PRO LX (RRP £249.99) and PRO LX+ (£349.99) join an impressive line-up including the X5 GPS and performance tracking watch, the stylish G5 GPS watch, PRO L2 rangefinder, the mobile plug-and-play tags from CONNEX, as well as Shot Scope Academy which has transformed player and coach connectivity.