Putt for dough

Mizuno M.CRAFT putters & RB balls
RRP: £249 (Putters), £25 (RB566 per dozen), £35 (RB566V per dozen)

Mizuno has returned to the putter market and released two new golf balls with the launch of the M.CRAFT line of putters alongside the new RB566 and RB566V balls. Forged from premium 1025 mild carbon steel and CNC milled to create its precise shape and alignment, the M.CRAFT putters are available in three classic shapes. A weight kit including two 3g weights and two 13g weights, which can be interchanged with the 8g fitted weights, allows each putter to be adjusted to a variety of putting conditions. As well as the new putters, Mizuno has unveiled two new golf balls for 2020 – RB566 and RB566V. The RB566 and RB566V represent Mizuno’s next generation of soft compression golf balls. Featuring unique 566 dimple patterns and large, high-energy cores which reduce driver spin and increase launch for efficient, stable flight, the RB566 and RB566V balls deliver balanced performance and extra hang time. The RB566 is Mizuno’s softest compression ball while the three-piece RB566V is designed for maximum velocity at launch.