Next generation Vokey wedges now on tour

The start of the 2024 PGA Tour season in Hawaii brought with it a first look at the latest iteration of Titleist’s Vokey wedges – SM10.

Vokey wedges have been the top choice of players on the PGA Tour every year since 2004, and last season more than 50% of the wedges in play were Vokey Design, with seven of the world’s top-10 players at year’s end gaming at least one Vokey wedge.

“I have always said since the day I arrived at Titleist, that I have the best R&D facility in the world – the professional tours,” said master craftsman Bob Vokey.

Vokey SM10 is the result of this continuous process – rooted in the collaboration of Bob, Titleist’s director of player relations Aaron Dill, and the best players in the world.

“[Bob and Aaron] have been incredible,” said Jordan Spieth. “I mean, they have been so much fun to work with. Great guys – guys that know so much about what they’re doing and they’re so passionate about what they’re doing. Very few people are as passionate about their jobs as Voke and Aaron. They’ll stay out of the way and just kind of watch. And then if you want to bring them in, they already know what you’re going to ask and they know what the response is. And then, here and there, they’ll ask for feedback, just to find out what kind of improvements they can make.”

The tour launch of SM10 will continue in the early weeks of the 2024 season.