Father and son record back-to-back aces

Jim and Tony Mitcheson managed a truly remarkable golfing feat at Blyth Golf Club as they recorded back-to-back holes-in-one.

Playing in their twice weekly father-son match, the pair achieved the double ace on the 161-yard 11th hole at their home club with differing approaches.

Tony, with the honour, hit a seven iron onto the green to record his third career ace, and first at Blyth.

Playing second, Jim required a driver to reach the green, though he proved just as accurate despite using the longer club and relying on a couple of bounces to reach the pin.

“Walking up to the green, which you can’t see all of from the tee, we both assumed we’d run off the back,” said 54-year-old Tony. “I thought I’d played the shot well enough to hold the green, so checked the hole and at first all I saw my dad’s markings.

“A second later, I noticed the second ball, and couldn’t believe it!

“My dad came over, we took some photos, and walked to the 12th tee in a stunned silence. It’s hard to put into words what it’s like to half a hole in holes-in-one… it’s really remarkable.”

Jim, 93, has been a member of Blyth for 73 years. A two-time winner of the club championship in the 1960s, he holds honorary membership of the club and has recorded six holes-in-one in his golfing career.

“It’s a fantastic moment to be able to share with my dad,” added Tony. “He introduced me to the game, along with my mam – who was also a club champion – and he would push me around the course in a pushchair before I could walk and play. We’re still competitive in our matches and always have a great time out on the course at Blyth.”