Chipping for dough

Finding consistency in your short game is a great way to reduce your scores, and a solid understanding of how your wedges interact with the turf is essential…

Bounce – the angle created between the leading edge and the lowest point of the sole or trailing edge – dictates how your club interacts with the turf. As world-famous wedge designer Bob Vokey says: “Bounce is your friend,” as it allows you a margin of error when striking the ball. When you’re getting fitted for wedges, you can test lots of bounce options and find the setup which suits your swing tendencies, and the conditions you play in most often.

From here, using the bounce is simple – just think about allowing the sole of the club to slide underneath the ball. By using the bounce correctly, you reduce the chances of getting the leading edge caught behind the ball, which produces a fat shot, or hitting the back of the ball with the leading edge, which produces a thin shot.

To work on this feeling, place a coin on the ground about a clubhead length behind the ball. When you make your swing, try to hit the coin before you make contact. You’ll soon feel how the clubhead works with the ground, adjust the coin’s position to suit your tendencies and setup, and produce a more consistent impact – leading to the all-important consistency we’re looking for.